4 Questions To Ask Your Scaffolding Service Company

7 June 2021
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Scaffolding services are essential when you need to hire a scaffold for residential, commercial or industrial developments. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure that you hire equipment that meets your site specifications. Below are some questions to ask your scaffolding hire company. Hopefully, they will help you hire the right equipment for your project. 

1. What Scaffolding Do They Have? 

Most reputable companies will have all kinds of scaffolds on hire. Therefore, you must be specific about the scaffold that you require. Most companies understand that you may not have sufficient knowledge of scaffold use. Consequently, they will send an experienced scaffolder to your site to assess your needs and the site conditions to determine which scaffolding meets your needs. For instance, when conducting construction works on a building close to a busy street, a cantilever scaffold would serve your needs since it is pinned on the walls of the building instead of the ground. When conducting maintenance works on the upper floors, you should go for a suspended scaffold. 

2. Do They Have A Recent Scaffold Safety Inspection Report? 

As a client, you may not have the expertise to inspect the scaffold. As such, you should ask for an inspection report detailing the condition of the scaffolding. Typically, the report contains the recommended repairs and whether or not the equipment is ready to use.

3. What Value Services Do They Offer Customers? 

The scaffolding hire company should offer valuable services to its customers. These could include: 

  • Safety nets to contain debris within the construction site and avoid third party damages.
  • A qualified scaffolder to install the scaffold, conduct regular maintenance and conduct repairs.
  • Transport services to and from your site.
  • Scaffolding upgrades to clients with varying projects.
  • The scaffolding should have adequate insurance to protect you from liabilities in case of an accident. 

4. How Much Do They Price The Service? 

Ask the company to send you a quote with a breakdown of their hiring rates. One of your concerns should be the company's extra and hidden charges. These should not deter you from hiring the scaffold since most companies will customise their quote to suit your needs. For instance, if you require the equipment for long term use, ask the company to reduce the standard charge when the scaffolding is not in use. 

When interviewing a scaffolding service, ask about the available services, the availability of inspection reports, the services offered and a quote.