2 Steps A manufacturer Should Take If Their Industrial Refrigerator Breaks Down At Night

24 August 2022
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Here are two steps a manufacturer should take if their industrial refrigerator breaks down at night.

They should contact a business that offers 24-hour Industrial refrigeration repair services

The first thing the manufacturer should do is contact a local business that offers round-the-clock industrial refrigeration repair services. They should do this, rather than calling a standard refrigeration repair company, which operates during business hours. The reason for this is that in this situation, the manufacturer must ensure that the repair of their refrigerator is carried out as fast as possible. If it is not and they either don't have any other industrial refrigerators or don't have any spare room in the other refrigerators, the contents of their damaged refrigerator (which might include ingredients needed for important manufacturing processes) might end up spoiling before they can be utilised. This, in turn, could not only cost the manufacturer money, as they would have to replace these supplies but might also result in them having to handle the delayed processing of products for which these materials were required.

If they were to use a standard repair service in these circumstances, they would at least have to wait until the following day for the company to send a repair person, by which time the goods housed in the refrigerator might be gone off and many manufacturing processes that involve them may have been postponed. If, however, they use the services of a business that offers 24-hour repairs, they might be able to get this essential equipment fixed in the middle of the night, and thus potentially save their expensive chilled supplies from spoiling.

They should take temporary measures to keep the refrigerator.

Even if the manufacturer decides to use a 24-hour industrial refrigeration repair service, they may still need to wait an hour or two for the repairperson to arrive and, depending on how complex the issue with the refrigerator is, it may then take them some time to fix it. Because of this, the manufacturer should still take some temporary measures to keep the refrigerator's contents cool. If the door of the refrigerator is still functional, they should keep it closed and, if they can access ice packs on the premises, they should place these inside the refrigerator to reduce the speed at which the supplies inside it begin to warm up.

If the damage that the refrigerator sustained involved the breaking of its door, then the manufacturer should lower the thermostat's temperature settings in this area of their premises and, if possible, place fans in this area to further improve the circulation of cool air from the facility's HVAC equipment.