Boom Lifts – Do You Need The Articulating Or The Telescopic Variety?

18 August 2019
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If your industrial business requires employees to work at an elevated height for multiple projects, you will need to buy a boom lift. This type of equipment is highly functional for aerial applications since it is capable of extending supplies to various lengths as well as carrying materials together with workers safely.

However, once you are aware of the fact that you need boom lifts at your industrial space, you have to decide  whether you need the articulating option, the telescopic variety or both of them. The following is a brief guide on the difference between the articulating and the telescopic variety of boom lifts.

An articulating boom lift

This type of equipment is characterised by its multiple hinges, which are sections that will articulate and are referred to as knuckle booms. A great benefit of these sections is that it allows the operator of the articulating boom lift to gain access to the site while navigating over any barriers that could be in the way. The knuckle booms are designed to work easily in areas with limited access, so you do not have to worry about the productivity of the operator being impeded. A few of the reasons why you may need an articulating boom lift for your industrial applications include:

  • Working in an area with limited access that can only accommodate a narrow articulating boom lift.
  • Working in an area that requires the reaching over obstacles to carry out the project.
  • Working on a project that is taking place indoors.
  • Working on rough terrain.

A telescopic boom lift

This type of aerial equipment gets its name from the sections that will extend from the equipment telescopically. Another name for this type of aerial lift equipment is a stick boom, since they are characterised by their straight build. While articulating boom lifts are highly functional, their horizontal reach is incomparable to that of the telescopic boom. It should also be noted that it tends to be a popular option due to how far this equipment can reach both vertically and horizontally. In summary, some of the reasons why you may need to use a telescopic boom lift for your industrial processes include:

  • Needing both reach and height for a job that is hard to access.
  • Maximising on productivity due to the simple assembly that the telescopic boom lifts offer.
  • Requiring aerial lit equipment that can perform multiple projects at varying elevated heights.