The Importance of a Diverter for Your 10000 Litre Water Tank

1 May 2018
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10000 litre tanks are an ideal water collection solution for commercial premises and residences alike due to their high volume capacity, which ensures you will have sufficient water supply for all your immediate applications. And with the encroaching drought in Australia, these tanks provide a practical solution to conserve water while still providing you with the utmost convenience. When it comes to rainwater collection, the standard mode of installation is directing the building's gutters directly into the tank opening. Although this may provide you with maximum water collection, it also poses the risk of water contamination. Thus, it is prudent to contemplate investing in a diverter. The following are reasons why a diverter will be crucial for a 10000 litre water tank.

A diverter keeps undesirable matter away from your tank

The main reason why a diverter is imperative to rainwater collection is that it functions to prevent pollutants and other debris from getting into your water. It is capable of doing this since it is designed to flush out the first several litres of water that are directed into your tank. Different diverters will have varying chamber capacities for this dirty water so you should bear this in mind when searching for one to suit your 10000 litre tank. You may presume that with routine cleaning your gutters will be free of grime. But the reality is even while you eliminate leaves, twigs and other organic debris on a regular basis, the surface of the gutters can still be contaminated with dust, bird droppings and so on. Hence, a diverter is necessary despite your gutter maintenance measures.

A diverter keeps animals away from your tank

What you may not consider about rainwater collection is that in some instances, small animals may end up making their way into your water tank. For example, if there is a sudden storm in your area, little critters such as lizards and insects can quickly be flushed into your tank with the strong currents of water flowing through your gutters. Moreover, any bird nests that have been built inside the gutters will also be carried into the tank with the deluge, which translates into water contamination. A proper diverter should be able to catch these animals and flush them away from your tank.

A diverter will prevent tank overflow

A surprising benefit of having a diverter in your 10000 litre tank is that it can help in preventing the overflow of water. If you do not have a stopcock in place for your tank, a diverter is an excellent solution to ensure any excess water is redirected into the gutter's downpipe. Resultantly, this reduces the risk of flooding around your tank.