2 Benefits of Buying or Hiring a Boom Lift

24 January 2017
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If you require equipment which will allow you to work at height within your industrial unit, you should consider investing in a boom lift. A boom lift can be deployed to carry out a vast range of work such as installing components, cleaning machinery and replacing lighting and ventilation systems. Below is a guide to two benefits of using a boom lift. 

Improved Safety 

When working at height in an industrial setting, safety is of paramount importance. A boom lift offers improved safety as it features two separate operator panels. One panel is located at ground level and is typically built into the base of the machine. The other control panel is located within the basket attached to the end of the boom.

The dual control system allows both the work team in the basket and the support team on the ground full control over the operation of the equipment. This means that if the work team experience an emergency situation, the support team can take control and lower the basket to the ground. On the other hand, if the work team need to make subtle adjustments to their position when carrying out work, they can do so while at a height.

A boom lift will also feature an emergency pressure release valve. If the equipment suffers a mechanical failure when the boom is extended, this emergency valve will slowly release hydraulic pressure so the boom is slowly lowered to the ground.

Flexible Design

There is a broad range of different models of boom lifts on the market. Depending on what is best for your business, you can rent or buy a boom lift which is powered using electrical, pneumatic or mechanical power. You can also choose between boom lifts which can only be operated when stationary and the more versatile mobile boom lifts, which can be operated while driving at low speed.

If your industrial work requires you to work on uneven ground, you should consider investing in an all-terrain boom lift. All-terrain boom lifts are fitted with four-wheel drive capabilities rather than the two-wheel drive setup preferred by most industrial equipment manufacturers. The fact that the engine drives all four wheels provides improved traction and manoeuvrability when operating the boom lift on uneven ground. 

If you would like more information about the benefits of investing in a boom lift for your industrial production plant, you should contact an industrial equipment and supplies company.