How to maximize on your shipping container storage space

5 January 2017
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Do you know you can get the most out of the available space in your used shipping container? After all, the main reason why you probably acquired the second-hand shipping container is due to lack of enough storage space. Whether you are retail business owner or a contractor, frustration normally sets in when you're unable to make space for all your stuff. Discover ways to maximize the storage capacity of your used container with the following simple and affordable container add-ons.

Set up shelving systems

There's a wide range of shelving systems to satisfy your storage needs. For example, you can add pre-installed lashing rings in your container to straightaway add shelves when and where needed. Moreover, there are no inside or outside modifications needed to hang the shelves. Furthermore, you can easily remove the shelving when you no longer need them. Whether you need one or four shelves in your storage container, on one side or each side of your container, you can choose from the available assortment of shelving systems.

Incorporate contractor desks

This is a fast and functional option for incorporating a drafting area to assess plans and documents on the work site. Simply rip a plank of plywood to size and fix the angle of the brackets. There you have it: a workspace that's not only affordable, but also easily portable.

Add pipe racks

Save space in your container with pipe racks. You can set up the pipe racks on the pre-installed lashing rings that come with shipping containers. Pipe racks provide support arms set at a convenient angle to increase strength and volume capacity. Moreover, a safety roll stop is installed at the end of each arm. Thanks to this container accessory, you can enjoy immense clear floor space between the lowest arm and the container floor.

Use overhead lofts

Leverage the high space in your storage container by incorporating one or two overhead lofts. Overhead loft storage normally extends from side to side creating a loft section in the overhead space. If you want to keep your storage container organized, this is a great add-on. You can keep boxes, books, materials, clothes or whatever you have in mind in a secure and designated place so that you have a clear and neat floor space.

In conclusion, try the above-mentioned simple container add-ons if you want to maximize on the storage space of your container.