The Various Scissor Lift Types Available for Warehousing Applications

28 December 2016
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Scissor lifts are mobile aerial work platforms that can move up and down on a scissor mechanism to provide users with access when they need to work at height. One of the areas where scissor lifts are widely used is in warehouse operations including placing materials on shelves high above ground level, stock taking materials placed at great heights and stacking up pallets. There is a wider variety of scissor lifts than most people are aware of. Here is a look at some popular types of scissor lifts being used in warehouses today.

Electric and diesel scissor lifts: Electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor workspaces where it is not safe to use a diesel-powered machine. Their compact design makes them suitable for use in tight spaces. As a matter of fact, the more compact models of the machines can pass through most standard doorways and easily go through narrow lanes, making them highly versatile machines for performing a wide range of tasks. These features also make it easy to store scissor lifts, as they take up only a small amount of space. Diesel scissor lifts are often used in outdoor spaces.

Hydraulic scissor lifts: This type of scissor lifts are raised or lowered when pressurised hydraulic fluid is pumped within the hydraulic cylinder. The pumping action is what allows the legs of the scissors to move. The number of cylinders found in each scissor lift is model-specific. Adjacent to the cylinder/cylinders is a motor where the machine gets all its power. A major drawback with hydraulic scissor lifts is that fluctuations in temperature may lead to system malfunctions. Temperature variations has the potential to cause the hydraulic fluid to become thicker, and this will lead to problems in the lift's working mechanism.

Pneumatic scissor lifts: This type of scissor lift uses compressed air as a lift mechanism. Changes in temperatures does not affect how it works: as long as atmospheric air is present, it will operate well. Like electric scissor lifts, they do not release any harmful emissions, and can therefore be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. This also means that they are an environmentally friendly option. Since there is no engine and only a few moving components, a pneumatic scissor lift generally requires less maintenance attention than other types of scissors.

Generally speaking, no single scissor lift type is better than the others; the selection process should be all about getting the most suitable type of scissor lift for your particular warehousing operations.