Metal Fabrication Market Predictions

28 December 2016
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What can you expect for the metal fabrication market in the upcoming years? Will it grow? Will it decline? Will it become harder or easier to find work? These questions will be answered in this article as it discusses the change in the metal fabrication market.

Metal Fabrication Market Definitions

Metal fabrication services are used when someone needs metal manipulated—bent, cut, or assembled—into a specific structure. All areas in the metal fabrication market are lumped together for this article, meaning that metal welding, machining, metal forming, metal cutting, shearing, metal folding, metal rolling, metal punching, and metal stamping are all discussed here under the definition of metal fabrication.

Where This Report Studied

These predictions are based of historic information from all previous years in studying the trends of metal fabrication and its uses and how those will change with the needs of the consumers. Areas included in this report are North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. The forecasts have been evened out across all segments included in the report, meaning that a specific area could receive more or less or a change than predicted. A certain area may also receive a larger change in one specific area of metal fabrications while other areas mostly stay the same.

Report Findings

The metal fabrication market is expected to grow by an estimate of 3% per year until 2024. Valuing where the market is now in metal fabrication, that means that a change of approximately 25% will have taken place by 2024. A lot of construction efforts are being made in developing areas, and metal fabrication has begun playing a large role in those areas, which is part of what will make the market grow.

The areas of automotive and manufacturing are the busiest areas in the metal fabrication market. If you are considering going into the business, you may want to pioneer your business in one of those areas as they are the most likely to grow of all the metal fabrication areas. Asia Pacific (which includes Australia) is expected to continue on the head of this growth trend, taking an even larger hold on the market than it currently has. The number of plants that are manufacturing steel will continue increasing, as they have in the past few years. There will be a few large companies that may seem to dominate the growth, but there is also room for smaller companies to help satisfy the consumer demand that is expected to grow in the market.