Money-Saving Tips for Scaffolding Hire Services

22 December 2016
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Scaffolding is a temporary structure that consists of metal pipes and tube frames used in construction works. Most construction work utilizes scaffolding structures to ensure the safety of the workers as well as efficiency in various construction tasks. The primary use of scaffolding is safety, and thus, when looking for a scaffolding hire service, it is ill-advised to pick the first company you come across on the internet or the telephone directory. If you wish to save money when hiring a scaffolding company for your project, you should conduct some comparing and contrasting of various service providers based on the factors provided below.

Public liability insurance 

Before selecting any scaffolding hire service company, it is mandatory to check if they have current public liabilities and valid insurance papers. Public liability insurance covers the service provider for any accidents that may occur in the process of constructing or using the scaffolding. Hiring a company that doesn't have insurance could be problematic because should any accident happen, you will be liable to pay the damages incurred.

On-site visits before providing a quote 

Most scaffolding hire companies can provide a quote off the site's blueprints. However, off-site quotations are usually erroneous in that they may be under- or over-quoted. Under-quoting leads to ordering too little scaffolding and may additionally result in delays before the additional scaffolding order gets met. On the other hand, over-quoting leads to the ordering of excess scaffolding, which results in overspending. Thus an excellent scaffolding hire service provider will conduct a preliminary visit to the construction site to assess exactly how much scaffolding the project requires.

Check the minimum hire period 

Choosing scaffolding companies with a longer minimum hire period is one of the main reason people and businesses lose money. Different scaffolding hire service providers have various minimum hire periods ranging from a few week to a month or more. Thus, it's advisable to hire a scaffolding company with around a two-week minimum hire period. If you unexpectedly need to hire more scaffolding for the project after the rental period, you will be in a better position to manage your cash flow in the short run as opposed to opting for a monthly minimum hire period.

'Out of hours' charges 

Whether it's a home or commercial building, it is not possible to always install the scaffolding during the regular 9-5 working hours for various reasons. Thus, it is essential to give preference to a scaffolding hire service that doesn't charge extra for work done outside normal working hours. If the company is willing to construct as well as dismantle the scaffolding on weekends or night shifts at no additional charge, they are a good fit.

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