4 Precautions You Should Take Before Using a Vibrating Motor after Prolonged Storage

19 December 2016
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Some electric vibrating motors fail prematurely because the user didn't know what measures he or she was supposed to take during the different usage conditions of that vibrating motor. This article discusses how you can avoid losing your electric vibrating motor to irreparable damage after you had stored it for long.

Check the Shaft

It is advisable for you to make sure that the shaft of that electric vibrating motor can still move freely after that long duration of disuse. You can do that by removing the protective covers on the vibrating motor so that the shaft is exposed. Turn that shaft with your hand and confirm that it can move freely. Desist from starting the vibrating motor until you have fixed any problem that may be preventing the shaft from turning. Otherwise, the motor may blow if it tries to turn a shaft that is stuck.

Check the Insulation

It is also important for you to make sure that the insulation of the electric vibrating motor is still intact. Buy an insulation tester from an electrical supplies shop near you. Follow the user instructions given as you test the insulation of your vibrating motor. Run different magnitudes of current through the different phases of the motor and keep testing the insulation capacity for those different current magnitudes. The current magnitude is usually adjusted from the insulation tester, so don't use electric current from an outlet during this test.

Grease the Bearings

Electric vibrating motors usually have bearings inside them. Some of those bearings are inside sealed compartments and don't need to be lubricated. Others require to be lubricated on a regular basis. Refer to the manual of your motor and lubricate those bearings in case you confirm that they are the variety that requires periodic lubrication.

Check the Supply Cables

It is also prudent for you to ensure that you have connected the supply cables correctly after such a long time of not using the vibrating motor. No short circuit should be permitted on the supply side of the vibrating motor because the entire electrical system of that motor can be destroyed. Be meticulous when checking the labels of the supply cables so that each is connected to a corresponding terminal on the motor.

You will have uninterrupted service from your electric vibrating motor if you follow the suggestions above just before you turn it on after storing it for an extended duration. Consult experts for help in case the motor fails to work after you did your best to implement the precautions above.