4 Essential Tools for Cutting Brass

19 December 2016
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Brass is a specialized metal alloy used in several modern industrial sectors. Its constructive properties and practical production ease have made it one of the most commonly used metals in the industrial sectors. Brass can be cut into different shapes for several applications, such as pipe fittings, pumps, nuts and bolts, terminals and taps, valve bodies and many others. The thickness of brass materials is wide-ranging, and brass is available as flat sheets, tubes or coiled strips. Brass cutting can be challenging and should be done with care. The cutting process can be made safer and easier by using certain essential tools. The tools are specifically designed to cut through brass. Sometimes, the shape, size and thickness of the brass play a crucial role in its cutting method. Take a look at some essential tools for cutting brass.

Cutting pliers

Pliers are one of the most versatile industrial hand tools that can be used to cut brass gauges, rods or wires. You can use a wire cutter to cut brass wires, but for larger gauges, you need to get a large pair of cutting pliers to cut them. All you need to do is to place the wire in the jaws of the pliers and do the cut. Sometimes, it can leave your rod with a pointed or spikey and hideous end. If so, you will need to smooth it so that it can be flat. When using cutting pliers, you need to be careful so that you don't hurt yourself.


Hacksaws are common hand tools. They are affordable and efficient to use. Hacksaws are powerful tools that allow you to cut several brass sheets or rods on-site. There are different types of handsaws. Some are used for wood cutting, while some are used for metal cutting. The handsaws used for metal cutting has more abrasive, with compact teeth. All you need to do is hold the brass rod or sheet steady in a sturdy vise before cutting it.

Tubing cutter

Tubing cutters are specifically design for cutting metal tubes with speed and flexibility. They are used in making unsoiled square cuts on brass metal. They are usually lightweight, and they have large and easy-to-grip knobs, which are comfortable for your hands.

Shears & Snips

Shears and snips are used in cutting brass sheets, tubes or hose. They are industrial tools used in attaining a square metal cut. They have razor ends that guarantee a clean cut with slight flattening of the brass tubes. Shears and snips are lightweight and durable.

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