Construction Equipment: Selection Guide for an Ideal Mobile Crane

16 December 2016
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The construction industry is constantly growing, so there are new heavy machines to consider when hiring or purchasing equipment for your company's projects. Therefore, if you are looking for a crane, you must evaluate numerous factors before making the best decision. This will help you acquire a lifting machine that best matches your job requirements. Here are the most critical considerations that will help you identify the most suitable mobile crane.

Worksite Terrain

You should review the potential worksites that you will handle with the crane after acquisition. This will help you select the right mobility features for the construction equipment. Ideally, the crane should be able to move efficiently in all the possible terrains. In most cases, the all-terrain crane is the best match. It can handle residential, industrial, and relatively rural worksites with ease. Rough-terrain cranes are intended to handle off-road terrains while truck-mounted alternatives are designed for urban working conditions. If you will deal with muddy and slippery sites, you can choose a crawler crane for better mobility and stability.

Maximum Reach

Mobile cranes cannot achieve the same vertical reach as fixed alternatives. However, there is a considerable range of the maximum height that each crane can achieve. Therefore, you should evaluate this aspect before making a choice on the equipment. If you are intending to work primarily in residential construction, the crane can have a fairly short reach. Apartment buildings, condominiums, and general commercial buildings will require a greater reach. Know the needs of your construction clients, and you will find a good match.

Weight-Handling Capacity

Naturally, the weight-handling capacity of a mobile is a crucial consideration because this is a lifting machine. The load capacity will determine how efficiently you can perform pertinent tasks during a project. It is not necessary to acquire a crane with the highest maximum capacity. After all, this would be expensive. Instead, find a crane that can handle considerable weight such that you will not expend valuable resources and waste a lot of time lowering and lifting the crane.

Maintenance Requirements

You should know the requirements of your construction equipment, especially if you are planning on purchasing or leasing. In general, every crane requires regular servicing for continued good performance. However, some machines might need more care than others. Therefore, you should make certain that the recommended service interval is reasonable. Also, look for equipment that can be maintained and repaired without highly specialised skills or equipment.