The Various Upsides of Hiring and Not Buying a Bunded Diesel Storage Tank

7 December 2016
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Two options are available for those who need to use bunded diesel storage tanks: to buy or to hire. If you haven't yet decided whether to buy or hire, you will first need to weigh up the advantages of both options. The most obvious advantage of hiring over buying is that the initial investment or cash flow is much lower. But that is not the only good reason as to why it is beneficial to hire. Read on to familiarise yourself with some other essential benefits of hiring a bunded diesel storage tank instead of buying it.

Get the tank you need

Your diesel-fuel storage requirements may change from time to time. For example, the need to operate more diesel-powered vehicles and heavy machinery at a construction site may create the need for a bigger storage unit. If you had purchased a diesel storage tank, you may be forced to use it even if it does not meet your current demands. With the hiring option, you have the freedom to order what you want, whenever you want, as the rental units come in many different sizes.

No depreciation costs, no maintenance hassle

If you buy, you will incur the depreciation costs that come with owning a bunded diesel tank. The depreciation rate can vary, depending on how the tank is maintained. Well-maintained tanks can last a lifetime, whereas tanks that are poorly cared for can lose their value much faster than anticipated. By hiring, you get to avoid the depreciation costs as well as the burden of keeping your tank in good condition by providing proper maintenance.

Safety assurances

The safe use of a diesel storage tank depend on how well it is maintained. If you purchase a diesel storage tank, make sure you are able to maintain it properly. Otherwise, you will expose yourself to serious safety hazards, as diesel is a flammable substance and can contaminate a site if it spills. If you know you won't have the time to pay proper maintenance attention to your bunded storage tank, you had better rent instead of running the risk of a safety hazard occurring because of using a poorly maintained unit. Rental diesel-storage tanks are usually thoroughly inspected for any defects that may lead to safety issues before the tanks are rented out. This is something you might not be able to do equally well.

Economical option for short-term users

Buying is often an economical option over the long term, but not everyone needs to use a bunded diesel-tank system on a long-term basis. Diesel-tank hiring goes easy on the pocket for those who have short-term diesel storage-tank needs and are not ready to make the huge initial purchase required to own a tank.