The Equipment You Should Always Upgrade in Your Auto Repair Shop

7 December 2016
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When you run an auto repair shop, you need to consider regular upgrades to your equipment so that you can run the shop as safely as possible and as efficiently as possible. If your shop is more efficient, you can then work on more cars and increase your bottom line, and of course you always want to be concerned about worker safety in a repair shop. Note a few pieces of equipment you should always consider upgrading when you own or run an auto repair shop.

1. Welding

Gone are the days when a welder relied on their skill alone to cut through metal or weld two pieces of metal together. Today's welding equipment will usually feature computerized diagnostics to read the heat of the metal being cut or soldered as well as the pressure of the soldering rod or torch. This can allow a welder a more accurate cut on any metal while they avoid damaging a piece and can allow him or her to cut easily through metal that is unfamiliar to them. This can also mean a cleaner solder that doesn't waste soldering rods or other materials and can also mean increasing the safety of a welder, as they can adjust the heat of the torch when alerted.

2. Bonding guns

Many car parts today are made with a mixture of plastic and metal, so welding two of these pieces together is not always an option, as this of course may damage the plastic. There is usually a wide variety of adhesives and other materials used for such repairs, but trying to apply these materials in a long and even line can be a challenge. A pneumatic gun can use air pressure to dispense bonding and other materials in a long and clean line, making for a better adhesion and less waste of materials.

3. Lifts

The lifts used in your shop may need some upgrading, if they are not designed to work on foreign cars, smaller cars, and other such models. Standard bar lifts may actually cover certain parts of a foreign car that is designed very differently than locally made cars, and some lifts may not hold today's smaller cars very securely. On the other hand, the lifts you have may not hold oversized SUVs and commercial vehicles secure, so upgrading to a stronger and larger lift can mean being able to work on a wider variety of vehicles, increasing your overall bottom line.

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