Why You Should Use Recycled Concrete for Your Landscaping Needs

6 December 2016
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Many homeowners may not know that a steady supply of recycled concrete aggregates is available for use during residential projects, such as making a retaining wall or making paving stones for walkways. This article discusses why you should consider using recycled concrete aggregates for your landscaping needs.

It is Affordable

Recycled concrete aggregates are more affordable when compared to using freshly mined raw materials. This is because the recycled concrete aggregates are usually processed from construction or demolition debris. Consequently, the cost of the ready aggregates will be affordable because the supplier will only have to meet a few costs, such as removing other materials from the reclaimed concrete (metals, for example). Your total project costs will therefore be lower than they would have been if you had used new products during the landscaping project.

It is Safe

Recycled concrete aggregate is also safe to use for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. This is because the material is usually screened for toxic substances before it is processed for reuse. Magnets are also used to remove any ferrous metals that may have remained within that concrete. Floatation techniques can also used to remove other materials, such as wood and plastics from that concrete. Consequently, you should have no fears that this affordable material will pose any health risks to you and your family.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled concrete has several environmental benefits. First, the material is available close to you. You will therefore use less fuel to ferry the material to your site. Secondly, using recycled concrete reduces how much debris ends up in the few landfills available for waste disposal. Landfills will therefore take longer to fill up in case more concrete is recycled. Thirdly, there will be less environmental degradation as the raw materials used to make new concrete, such as sand, are mined. Consequently, the flora and fauna in those mining areas will have fewer threats, such as noise pollution, to their habitats.

Everyone has a duty to limit how quickly natural resources are depleted. The use of recycled concrete aggregates during residential landscaping projects provides a perfect opportunity for each homeowner to make his or her contribution towards protecting the dwindling resources. Find a concrete recycling plant near you, and ask the experts there how else you can use the materials that they reclaim from different construction or demolition sites. You will then get insights about how you can realise additional savings on your future home improvement projects.