Pros and Cons of Building Hire

5 December 2016
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You have heard of transportable building hire, and you know, more or less, what its purpose is. The main question now is can it really be cost effective over buying the space itself? You want to know if hiring the portable building is really the best option. Here you can see some pros and cons of transportable building hire that will answer your question about whether or not hiring a portable building will answer your needs.


Short-term Cost: These portable buildings are conventional structures that are very durable. They will provide a good space for an event such as a race or a production. The cost of renting this building for a short term is a good investment, especially if you need changing rooms on set or a little extra office space for a short time. The cost outweighs using the alternative of a hotel room.

Convenience: One of the biggest positives about choosing to use a transportable building is its convenience. Even if cost was not a factor, convenience would be, since you can put the portable building wherever you want. Your clients, employees or participants in the event can have a space right next to the stadium, rather than having to drive through crushing traffic every morning.

Flexibility: Because portable buildings come with so many functions, they can really be flexible to what you need. Do you need a portable building with enough space to sleep eight? Do you need a private room in a portable building? Many industrial equipment companies can be flexible to fit your needs.


Long-term Cost: As with all long-term ideas, if you are renting for a long time, you usually end up losing a lot of that money. If you need a permanent extension of your office space, you may not choose to have a portable building, though it could be useful while the new office space is being built. The reason behind this is that over time, you would end up putting so much money into renting, that you could have been putting into buying.

Energy Efficient: Not all portable units are energy efficient. Some allow heat and/or air to escape and cause you to pay a little more to effectively heat or cool the area. Make sure that the company you choose to rent your portable buildings from promises to be energy efficient or your electricity bill may cost a bit more.

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